Jul 31st, 2013
Jul 4th, 2012
This is for the avengers fans out there!
Hulk , Iron man, Thor & Captain America :)using my bundle monster dotting tools & brushes 
Assorted selection of nail polishesMixture of barry m, rimmel & nails incMost recommended to others: Rimmel matte finish nail polish
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Jun 15th, 2012
Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Nails? :D
I wanted to do something vaguely simple just to test out the bundleMonster set :P pretty pleased with what i hav so far but will definitely plan another nail design that’ll be epic!
Jun 15th, 2012
BundleMonster nail brush & dotting tool set

So, I’ve finally finished university & so have more time on my hands! managed to finally order that set of nail brushes & dotting tools form bundleMonster!

^Heres a photo of it.
Its pretty awesome! cost me around £12.00 including delivery from amazon.
It comes with 15 different brushes of all densities, shapes & sizes - it also comes with 5 double sided dotting tools! Each brush has its own little holder & brush guard over it (except for the two flare out brushes) which is nice. 

I’ve tried the dotting tools out already, back when doing my Totoro nail art, since my cousin owns this set & so i tested them out there. they are good! Everything you’d expect / want from a dotting tool lol.

I do prefer them to the others i have seen since the design is just wooden with a logo - the others i have seen dotted around online are all sparkly or marbled design and a bit too colourful for me. 

I like how the whole set is in a kinda fold out package, keeps them tidy =) which is just what i need. Will probably do a better review sort of thing on this set as i use it more. Anyway, money well spent i think :)

If you want to buy them & try them out yourself, heres the link:


Watch this spot for more designs :)

Apr 20th, 2012
Totoro nails! :D with a matte finish ^^based on a photo i found on tumblr a while ago & liked ~
The original photo was too cute not to remake ^___^ so i did. The blue is a new one that i got from Rimmel , the white is Barry M (very good, nicely pigmented- brush is a little thin though), the black is Rimmel and the grey is also Barry M. Oh and then after design is done, Matte finish :) (by Rimmel) - i love this design, dnt want to take it off XD
I used “Bundlemonster” brushes and dotting tools that belong to my cousin. Staying at her house for a while to catch up and things lke that so i thought i might as well make use of them :) Very good brushes + tools. Might buy my own ^___^ (nt sure of prices though)
Apr 20th, 2012
Rimmels Matte Finish!
This is an awesome polish! i recommend everyone buy this since its so cool! Use it as a top coat over and design you’ve previously used and it dries Matte - its so awesome!
I bought this from Superdrug the other day because my little cousin (who was with me) found it & said we should try it. I bought it for her since i was buying my own colour selection & when we got home - i tried it … and now i love it.
The brown i used was Nails inc. & the matte sat on top pretty nicely. As expected the maxi brush is awesome & applies very smoothly and easily :)

Apr 20th, 2012
Teddy bear nails :)
Based on rikkukuma the bear, but it was pretty hard since i don’t have nail brushes so the mouths kinda.. messed up :P
Using my nails inc. brown as a main colour, Rimmel base + top coat as per usual. Toothpicks for detail :) (Apologies for the quite bad picture… instagram lol)